About Us

Established in December, 1989, R E ALIGN has been around to see the evolvement of the metrology methods that are in use today in the rotating equipment alignment world.  From the use of optical tooling technology to the present laser based data acquisition systems, R E ALIGN knows what comprises a repeatable and precise measurement.

R E ALIGN understands the need for a specialty niche firm to have the technological means to obtain meaningful alignment measurements in an accurate and time efficient manner.  In a world where being off-line translates into lost revenue, it is important to rely on a team of specialists that can answer a service call and give real time results.

Edgar McArthur, the remaining original owner, continues to be called upon for non-biased consultation services as well as for supporting his measurement teams in the field.  Having ten years of previous experience before starting the company, including working with a rotating equipment OEM, set the basis for making precision alignment measurement technology a lifelong career.

The powerful blend of applying the results of a series of measurements to a time efficient and knowledgeable equipment fix is what separates us from the competition.